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What Entrepreneurs can learn from Vaseline

Marketing will make or break a new venture, so why not study some good examples?  Here’s a new commercial I like a lot, with features any startup should emulate:

Why I like it:

  • Lead with the product
    • Get folks thinking along the right lines.  This commercial leads with a shiny bottle featuring the brand prominently, which gets us thinking “health and beauty,” and a visible tagline, “Spray and Go,”  which gets us thinking “fast.”
  • Grab their attention
    • Someone remarkable (attractive, not yet dressed) does something surprising (runs in and grabs the product).
  • Demonstrate and differentiate
    • “Oh, so she’s spraying it on… that’s different!”
  • Delight
    • When the actress sits down and flips her top on, you’re surprised by how fast it is.  That carries forward with the hat, pants, and shoes.
    • This sense of surprise accentuates the message from the beginning about being fast.
  • Motivate
    • The uplifting soundtrack does more than set the pace, it inspires action.  You want folks to buy this.
  • Summarize
    • Right at the end you have a narrator explaining what we just saw in six words, “Moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds,” with visuals reminding us about a single rub to get it in and how it sprays.
  • End quickly
    • All this happens in 30 seconds.  This gives you plenty of time to watch it again for the delight factor (how many times did you watch it?).

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