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About Doug Quattrochi

Douglas Quattrochi portrait Image by Caroline Talbot Photography | ctalbotphoto.com

Doug Quattrochi is Executive Director of MassLandlords, Inc., cofounder of RentHelper, Inc., and a small landlord. At MassLandlords, he manages 20 full and part time staff in support of the organization’s nonprofit mission to create better rental housing in Massachusetts. This is an organization he helped cofound with other landlords in Worcester in 2013. MassLandlords was a side project and turned out to be the entrepreneurial venture that got traction. Doug started in aerospace engineering with a Masters of Science from MIT in 2006, worked for five years at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, and worked two years at aerospace startup Terrafugia. He went full time in real estate in 2012. He enjoys skiing, keeping up on science and aerospace news, and being chased by his nephews. He is married to his partner of over 20 years, Oliver Chadwick.